Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Top Musicians Spice MHT Show

‘Local and International Guests left yearning for more’

A full package of local and international musical artists took Choma by storm during My Home Town Trade Fair and Festival entertainment bill held at Rosewood farm on 2-4 July.

On the musical menu were famous Zambian musicians providing the vibes and chief among them was Danny, Mampi, Petersen, John Chiti while from South Africa was the kwaito outfit Mina Nawe and a vibrant gospel singer Keke and a local traditional performer Amos Milambo. To spice it all was an array of salsa dancers from England and Scotland headed by MHT Preston based member Phil Kaila.

Local residents and international guests present were not disappointed with the variety of entertainment on the musical menu.

It was a grand occasion as Mampi belted her famous hits and performed salsa with her dancing partner. Danny also took the huge crowd by storm with his famous Kaya beat while Keke sent the crowd in frenzy as he performed with a lot of feeling and the crowd was left yearning for more. The entertainment was high class and the sound system provided by Smart Stage of South Africa provided an ideal stage setting.

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